Mohamed El Sayyad

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  • Ahmed Abdeltawab

    Ahmed's sculptures depict human & animal figures in an expressionistic style, with exaggerated features and distorted proportions.

  • Ahmed Helall

    Ahmed is a talented painter who creates beautiful expressionistic mixed-media paintings on canvas.

  • Ahmed Omar

    Ahmed's paintings, whether in the field of drawing or painting have always carried an expressive charge.

  • Amira Adel

    Amira is a contemporary Egyptian artist specializing in portraiture and watercolor painting using an expressionist style.

  • Amira Mannah

    Amira’s statement lies under the umbrella of the color-coded aesthetic celebrations of this world, and crosses the borders of the repetitive art of the closed ateliers..

  • Ali El Noori

    Ali’s sculptures stand as an exceptional case among Iraqi artists.

  • Altaher Salah Aldin

    Altaher Salah Aldin, animator and painter, manages to modernize traditional painting techniques with the language of animation. His rising career is witness to his great talent.

  • Badr Elsherwani

    Badr is a talented painter who uses oil on canvas to create expressive expressionistic and colorful artworks.

  • Baher Bakr

    Bakr’s sculpture operates in the realm of modern abstraction where rounded biomorphic forms capture the idea of life in metamorphosis.

  • Bassam Alzoghby

    It is clear that the fine-art photography produced by the artist “Bassam Alzoghby” does not belong to photography as a profession in  the journalistic sense or otherwise...

  • Chadi Adib

    Chadi is a contemporary Egyptian painter who uses stylized figures and a bold color pallet to express his ideas.

  • Dalia Negm

    Dalia is a contemporary Egyptian painter who captures scenes and activities of traditional Egyptian life through a fusion of modern and folk arts.

  • Ehab Elasyouty

    Ehab is a contemporary Egyptian sculptor working in polyester and with an expressionistic flair to explore the geometric forms of the human figure.

  • Eslam Elrihany

    Eslam is a contemporary Egyptian painter working with vibrant colour in an assertive, semi-abstract style.

  • Eslam Saif Elnaser

    Eslam is a contemporary Egyptian artist whose paintings present a contemporary realist twist on a traditional expressionist technique.

  • Fadwa Ramadan

    In Fadwa’s artworks, some circles are stripped out of their details connected to the rest of the components of the universe encircled by the shadows of value.

  • Fares Ahmed

    Fatimid architecture inspired Fares in his artworks starting from painting Cairo’s ancient scenes with its buildings, Mashrabiyas, the ancient giant gates, colorful glass windows, people, and vibes.

  • Fatma Adel

    Fatma is an expressionist artist who uses mixed media to create stunning artworks on paper.

  • Gehan Seoude

    Gehan is a contemporary Egyptian painter working in bold acrylic to capture a modern expressionist view of Egyptian femininity.

  • Hala El Sharouny

    Hala is a contemporary Egyptian artist whose mixed media images capture her passionate sense of Egyptian identity and spirit.

  • Hanafy Mahmoud

    Hanafy's painting style was outstanding and reflected his vision of intellectual and existential issues.

  • Hany Faisal

    Hany is a leading Egyptian sculptor whose work blends modern realism with principles of African and Ancient Egyptian art.

  • Hany Ghabriel

    Hany is a contemporary Egyptian artist working in stone inspired the sculpture of ancient Egypt.

  • Heshaam Abdelmoaty

    Running after infinite ideas till realizing that time passes as a shooting star has been the hardest challenge for the artist Hisham Abdullah Abd El-Mo’ty.

  • Hossam Abou El-Ela

    According to Abou El-Ela, bronze is a noble ore, as it is the result of sandy formations, stones, and volcanic meltdowns which matches the nature of his project’s people who come from under the ground.

  • Hossam El Sayed

    Hossam has always been inspired with the idea that the heroes and heroines of his sculptures as well as their body language are firmly connected with the Land on which they stand.

  • Hossam Sakr

    Hossam’s artworks explore the routes of human communication by expressing through portrait art.

  • Hussein Abd El Baset

    Hussein is one of Egypt’s most accomplished contemporary sculptors, working in a mix of abstraction and figuration that blends organic and mechanical forms.

  • Hussien Yassin

    It is evident in his work that Hussien Yassin is interested in “Man”, his facial expressions and body language in movement and posture.

  • Joseph El Duwairy

    Joseph has a calculated blend between geometric and organic...

  • Khalid Elsmahy

    Khalid is considered one of the most prominent knights of the contemporary Egyptian art movement, and in this regard, he has excelled in blending both impressionist realism and symbolism relying on impressionist touches which the eyes do not miss.

  • Mahmoud Zaki

    Mahomud is a young Egyptian artist painting in a realist style and focused on the representation of women in Egypt.

  • Mervat Shazly

    Mervat is a contemporary Egyptian painter notable for her expressionistic paintings of life and culture in Southern Egypt.

  • Mina Nassef

    Mina is a contemporary artist working in printmaking and painting with a creative flair that marries modern Egyptian life, literature and architecture.

  • Miriam Hathout

    Miriam is a brilliant painter who uses expressionistic mixed media on canvas to create captivating scenes of color and emotion.

  • Moataz Kamal

    Moataz is a contemporary Egyptian artist working in acrylic on canvas with a modern expressionistic practice lead by his embrace of automatic techniques.

  • Mohamed Abdel Hady

    Mohamed’s artworks have been a mirror reflecting social contemporary ideological conditions.

  • Mohamed Abouelnaga

    Mohamed is one of Egypt’s most successful artists, exploring the materiality of paper in his paintings.

  • Mohamed El Ganouby

    Mohamed's artworks have been characterized by spontaneity and authenticity.

  • Mohamed Elmasry

    Mohamed is an award-winning Egyptian artist producing bold contemporary abstract paintings where color and content are open to experimentation.

  • Mohamed El Moneim

    Mohamed is among Egypt’s leading artists whose expressionist-influenced acrylic paintings mark a masterful blend of contemporary Egyptian art and Modernist European art.

  • Mohamed Elmoslemany

    Mohamed is an artist who uses watercolor to create vivid portraits and scenes with an expressionist edge.

  • Mohamed El Sayyad

    Mohamed's holdings are with individuals and at official institutions including the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art, Alexandria library, the Egyptian Ministry of Culture, and the National Bank of Kuwait.

  • Mohamed El Tahan

    Mohamed was born in El-Gamaliya on the 31st of October, 1946. Therefore, he was inspired by folklife in the different fields of art, such as painting, engraving, and ceramic.

  • Nadia Wahdan

    Nadia Wahdan is a painter who celebrates life, beauty, and imagination with her acrylic masterpieces.

  • Noha Nagui

    Noha is a contemporary Egyptian artist working in drawing, painting and sculpture to explore identity and lived experience.

  • Omar Abdel Zaher

    Omar’s talent originated from his Aswan roots since he was a child. He was affected by shadow play art, as he combined both composition and storytelling.

  • Peter Esaf

    Peter creates stunning abstract pieces that capture your attention and imagination.

  • Rania Gad

    Rania is a talented artist who uses vibrant colors, bold strokes, and dynamic shapes to create captivating scenes that evoke emotion and imagination.

  • Salah Shaban

    Salah’s love for sculpting is a testament to his belief in art’s power to connect and communicate

  • Sally El Zieny

    In spite of the versatility of El-Zeiny’s themes, they are warm, in spite of their serenity, they are vibrant, and in spite of their sobriety, they are wildly bold.

  • Samar El Bassal

    Samar is an Egyptian sculptor who makes stunning abstract sculptures from various materials.

  • Shaaban ElHusiny

    Shaaban is a talented painter who creates stunning expressionistic mixed-media paintings on canvas.

  • Tamer Sayed Ahmed

    Tamer is an Egyptian artist painter working in a contemporary expressionist style with a flair for marrying the abstract with bold figuration.

  • Toka Ibrahiem

    Toka is a contemporary Egyptian artist working in collage with a style that blends Western Pop Art with a distinct Egyptian character.

  • Wael Darweish

    Wael Darweish, the artist who reflects his gaze on social inequalities in colorful and abstract works. Through paintings and sculptural pieces, the artist captures movement, freedom, energy, and the passage of time

  • Wael Hamdan

    Wael is a talented painter who creates stunning expressionistic acrylic paintings on canvas.

  • Yasser Rostom

    An artist who was born in Cairo but with an international intellect.

  • Zeinab Sobhy

    Zeinab is a contemporary Egyptian sculptor notable for her thematic work with feline subjects.